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International Student Workshop 2015- Finding Articles: Home

This is the companion guide to the International Workshop section on finding articles at the library.

Goals of this Workshop

Demonstrate how to find articles using: 
  • Google Scholar
  • MU Libraries Search and Find
  • MU Libraries Databases

Demonstrate how to locate items not held in MU Libraries through ILL@MU


Guide users to where to find subject specific resources


Show how to find help with research needs



For More Help:

Contact the MU Libraries.

From the above link you can contact the reference desk by phone, email, SMS, or chat. You can also look up the email address of a subject librarian if you need in-depth information in a specific subject area. There is a link that will enable you to set up a one-on-one consultation with a librarian.

If you have a question for a librarian, first try typing it into the search field to see if someone has asked already asked this question. You might see a relevant topic drop down as you are typing in your question. Click on the relevant topic to be taken to the answer.

Additional information on services for international students is available.


This workshop was designed and presented by Ellis Library Graduate Reference Assistants:

  • Nathan Elwood
  • Jack Meyer
  • Willow Hoxie

Under the supervision of Rhonda Whithaus, Head of Online Information Services