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Recordings and Tutorials

Find Books in the MU Branch Libraries: Video Tutorial

Find Books in the MU Branch Libraries: Written Tutorial

1. When searching for a book in the MERLIN Catalog, you may find a book is located in one of the MU Branch Libraries.

MERLIN Catalog Record

2. To find where the book is located within the library, you can click on the link for the library location

Location Link

3. You will be redirected to a page that provides information about where the book is located within that library.

4. If you would like to know where a branch library is located on campus, you can go to and click "Maps & Floor Plans" at the top of the page.


5. On this page is a map of all the libraries on campus. To find more information about a particular library, click on either the icon of the library on the map, or select a link from the menu on the left hand side.

Map of Libraries

Contact the librarians if you would like further assistance with locating books, or with any other research needs.