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English 1000 - Local Problem-Solving: Home

Activists and "Rabble-Rousers"

Columbia News

Scholarly Articles and Books

Search Strategy for an "advanced" (multi-line) search

Line 1:  solv* OR solution* OR ameliorat* OR reduc* OR effective* OR fix*
Line 2: city OR municipal* OR county OR local
Line 3: (words that will bring up articles on your problem, in broad terms, plus synonyms)

for example:

Line 3: homeless* OR unhoused OR "affordable housing"

You may choose to add a line to further specify the search demographically or geographically, for instance:

Line 4: Missouri OR midwest* OR "small cities" OR "university communities" OR "university towns"


Line 4: veterans

Local Places for Local History

City, County and Courts


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Rachel Brekhus
168 Ellis Library

I am working primarily from home during the Fall 2020 semester, so not listing an office phone.

MU faculty and staff can reach me quickly in Teams chat.

Problem-Solving Resources

Topic: Educational Statistics