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Dictionary of Old English A-G Online: Home

1. Download and Install the VPN

The first step is to download and install the VPN (virtual private network - CISCO AnyConnect).  This is freely available from MU's Division of IT.

To download, go to

  • GROUP setting should be Generic
  • Login with your MyZou username/password

The automatic download should begin.  If it does not, a link will display for you to manually download the software.

Follow the steps provided in the installation wizard to install the vpn.

If there are any problems with downloading/installing the vpn, you can view the help steps by clicking on the Help tab at

Once installed, you will be prompted to connect to AnyConnect.

  • Under "Ready to Connect," type
  • Click Connect
  • login with your myZou username/password

Once connected, you are ready to open your web browser.

When you have completed your searching, open up the AnyConnect application and click to Disconnect.

The next time you want to search, simply open the AnyConnect application and click to Connect it. 


2. Access the Dictionary of Old English A-G Online

With the vpn connected, you should be able to access the Dictionary of Old English A-G Online from

Need Help?

If you are having problems with accessing this resource, please contact Rhonda Whithaus for assistance.