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Dictionaries and Thesauri

Guide to finding dictionaries and thesauri at the MU libraries.

Print Dictionaries

Dictionaries can be found in the Reference section in Ellis Library (1st floor East)

The call number ranges for some of the major languages are as follows:

Greek and Latin: PA201 - PA2915

Romance Languages:

  • Italian: PC1001-1977
  • French: PC2001-3761
  • Spanish: PC4001-4977
  • Portuguese: PC5001-5498

English Language: PE1-3729

  • Modern English: PE1001-1693

West Germanic Languages:

  • Dutch: PF1-5999
  • German: PF3001-5999

Oriental Languages:

  • Hebrew: PJ4501 - 5192
  • Arabic: PJ6001 - 8517

Indo-Iranian Languages: PK1-9601

East Asian, African, Oceanic Languages:

  • Japanese: PL501-699
  • Korean: PL901-949
  • Chinese: PL1001-1960
  • Oceanic Languages: PL5001-7511
  • African Languages: PL8000-8009

North American, Central American, South American Languages:  PM1-9021

Electronic English Dictionaries & Thesauri