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Data Sets for Quantitative Research: Listserv


DATA-ENTHUSIASTS-L is intended to assist MU campus affiliates in locating quantitative data needed for research, teaching and study.

This forum is sponsored by the Government Information & Data Archives Department of the University of Missouri-Columbia Libraries. The forum owner is Marie Concannon (  To subscribe to DATA-ENTHUSIASTS-L, send a message to LISTSERV@PO.MISSOURI.EDU with SUBSCRIBE DATA-ENTHUSIASTS-L FIRSTNAME LASTNAME in the body of the message. To leave this forum, put UNSUBSCRIBE DATA-ENTHUSIASTS-L in the body of a message addressed to LISTSERV@PO.MISSOURI.EDU.

DATA-ENTHUSIASTS-L@PO.MISSOURI.EDU is the email address of this discussion list. Mail sent to that address is distributed by the ListProcessor software to everyone who is subscribed to the list.

Customize your account through the listserv menu system. 

  • Point your browser to
  • In the box labeled "Access Unlisted Archives," type DATA-ENTHUSIASTS-L and click the SUBMIT button
  • Click "Subscriber's Corner"
  • Click "My Settings"

Going on vacation?

  • To stop delivery of DATA-ENTHUSIASTS-L while you're away send the following message to LISTSERV@PO.MISSOURI.EDU:  SET DATA-ARCHIVES-L NOMAIL
  • To restart mail delivery, send a message to LISTSERV@PO.MISSOURI.EDU with this in the body of the message:   SET DATA-ARCHIVES-L MAIL