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Journalism - Setting Up Calendar Alerts for Equipment on Reserve: Home

This guide will show you how to set up calendar alerts to let you know when your reserve equipment is due so that you can avoid fines.

Creating iPhone Alerts

1. Launch your iPhone calendar app.

2. Highlight the date you want to receive the alert.

3. Touch the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner.

4.  Select the Title & Location section to name your alert.

5. Type a name for your alert (return laptop, camera, etc.)

6. Type in location of the return if you think you'll forget.

7.  Set "Starts" with the time when you checked it out.

8.  Set "Ends" with the time you need to return it.

9.  Set an "Alert" to remind you when to return the item.
    ( Allow enough time to get to the J Library.)

10.  Returning equipment on time means NO FINES!

Creating Android Alerts

1.Open your calendar from your list of apps.

2. Once open tap the + sign to add an event.

3.Tap under title and give it a description.  

4. Tap the date and make it the date and time you want to save.  

5. Tap on the + sign next to reminders to set those up.  You can add descriptions, images, repeat the event if needed.    Make sure to tap the SAVE at the top to save it.

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