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DST Digital Storytelling


Who may check out equipment?   Only students currently taking DST classes who have signed an equipment liability form may check out equipment. 
Where do I check it out?   At the circulation desk in Ellis LibraryBring you student ID
What can I check out?   It depends which course you are taking.

DST 1880                        DST  2830                       DST  2880                    DST 2885   
DST 3385                        DST 4830                         DST 4880                     DST 4970
What does not come with the camera?   Cameras do not come with SD cards. You will have to have your own SD CARD

How can I know if a piece of equipment is available?

  Equipment goes out on a first served basis. Check DST Course Reserves to see what is available.
When can I check out equipment?  

From 8:00 AM - 7:30 PM    Mon - Thurs
From 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM   Fri.
Library is Closed on Saturdays
From 1:00 PM - 7:30 PM   Sun

The Library is open until 10 PM Sun - Thurs,
but the Circulation Desk stops checking in and out video equipment at
7:30 PM.

How long can I check it out for?   48 hours.
Can I renew the check out?   Yes, sort of, but read this first.
Can I check it out longer than 24 hours.   Maybe. There are times, like Spring break, when you might be able to check equipment out longer than 48 hours. If you would like to do this, you have to contact your instructor and ask their permission. Then your instructor has to email the circulation dept. and Cindy Cotner, the Head of Circulation, stating that you have permission. (Those email addresses are under contacts.)
Will I be fined if I bring equipment back late?   Yes.  You will be fine $2.00 an hour.
Will I be fined if I lose or break a piece of equipment?   Yes.
You will be fined the cost of replacement. 
Be careful, some of the equipment costs thousands of dollars.
How can I avoid fines?  
  • When you check out equipment, make sure every piece is there.
  • When you return equipment, make sure you have everything. Lens caps and memory cards regularly go missing. You will be fined if you lose them.
  • When you return equipment, make sure that every piece is checked in by the circulation staff.
Where do I return equipment?   At the circulation desk in Ellis Library
Anything else I should know about returning equipment?  

Be kind, recharge batteries before you return the equipment. Library staff does not have the time to recharge batteries.

Return your equipment as soon as you are finished so that you fellow students have the opportunity to check them out.  There are many more students than there are cameras.

Why are the batteries dead?   The Circulation Desk staff does not have time to recharge batteries 
Be kind to your fellow students and recharge the batteries before you return the equipment.



Please refer any questions you may have about the equipment to the Ellis Library Circulation Desk or to DST faculty. Contact information for the Ellis Library Circulation Desk is listed below:

  • Ellis Library Circulation Desk (in Access Services)
    phone: 573-882-3362   OR  573-882-9158