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Biochemistry 2484 HW: Library guide for Macromolecular techniques laboratory

Access to Library Resources

Off-campus (remote) access to subscribed resources is available to faculty, staff and currently enrolled MU students.

Two ways to access library resources from off-campus:

  1. Proxy server - Click on the link to any of our online resources from off-campus and you will be required to login with your username (myzou username and password).
  2. VPN (Virtual Private Networking - Cisco AnyConnect) - Provided free by the MU Division of Information Technology, the VPN allows you to access the MU network with an outside Internet Service Provider.  Additional instructions for utilizing the Cisco AnyConnect are available from the Division of IT Portal and click on HELP.  You will need to login with your myZou username/password to access.  Run a Quick Search for: VPN to find instructions.
  3. Download and install the EZ Proxy Bookmarklet to use in your web browser.

On-Campus Access Problems

On campus and being asked to login to resource

Likely a web browser issue

  • Try a different web browser
  • Clear the cache
  • Check a different computer in the department/building

Resource is unavailable

Common Access Problems

"Authentication Failed" Error Message

  • Login with your myZou username/password, not the email address or password.
  • Check the spelling of the password; it is case sensitive.  Test by logging in to myZou.
  • If these steps do not help, contact the Division of Information Technology Help Desk  (882-5000) to check the account.

"Account not recognized as affiliated with MU" Error Message

This means that the username/password is not assigned to a person who is currently affiliated with MU (e.g., not a currently enrolled student, currently employed faculty/staff, emeriti or current courtesy appointment).  Departments can process the necessary paperwork to provide courtesy appointments for faculty not yet on the payroll.

  • To access, students must be enrolled in the current semester or a future semester.
  • Faculty and staff must be currently employed by MU to access.  Emeriti faculty can also access.
  • Retirees cannot access.

Bookmarked site does not work

Most URLs from online resources are not persistent - they do not last for a long period of time and access requires authentication.