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Critical Theory: Reference Works

A compilation of MU and web resources on critical theory from a literature perspective.

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Handbooks

Critical theory is a broad and loosely defined area encompassing subsets such as gender studies and queer theory, cultural studies, critical race theory, postcolonialism, postmodernism, Marxist criticism, semiotics, and more. This page provides reference sources on critical theory overall, as well as sources pertaining to other contemporary literary theories and various subsets of critical theory. 

This page also links to other MU library guides connected to critical theory and selected web resources associated with the topic. 

General Reference

Listed here are general encyclopedias, histories, and handbooks relating to critical theory, particularly from a literary perspective. All the materials are available in the MU catalog.

Specialized Reference

Listed here are encyclopedias and reference works relevant to fields connected to critical theory, such as feminist criticism, queer theory, semiotics, and postcolonialism. All the materials are available in the MU catalog.

Other Libguides

Visit these other library guides for resources on topics related to the concerns of critical theory.

Web Resources