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Wrongful Convictions: Introduction: Starting Points


Research Strategy 

Researching this topic can be a little overwhelming as there are so many resources that can used in order to gather information. I would recommend that anyone who is starting their research on this topic to start small. Start with a simple Google search of what exactly you are wanting to know. Then, I would recommend narrowing down your search by deciding whether you want a legal journal or scholarly article. Additionally, you may want want a blog post or a book that discusses wrongful convictions. After deciding this, you need to narrow your search even more in order find the perfect source that fits your needs. I would recommend if you are looking for journals and scholarly article, visit [] and type in your search terms in the search box. By using this link, you will be able to make an advanced search, which will allow you to tailor your search to a specific area within the field of wrongful convictions.