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Title VII's Application of Grooming Policies and its Effect on Black Women's Hair in the Workplace: Resources

Online Services

There are many different free resources available to better understand ethnic hairstyles and groomin policies under Title VII. 

However, It is beneficial to have an online primary law resource to quickly find cases, law review journals, and statutes. For these purposes, LexisNexis is much preferred.

Lexis has an easy to navigate platform. One feature that is particularly helpful that Lexis provides is the highlighting feature, where a queried word search will pull the documents with the searched words highlighted in the document, this adds to efficiency because the researcher can find what they are looking for more quickly. And if the researcher cannot find what they are looking for, there is an available number to call and receive research help from professionals.

In order to access briefs, and other court filings, the best resource is Bloomberg Law.

In order to access Practical Law, the researcher needs to sign up for Westlaw.

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Costs of LexisNexis, Bloomberg, and Westlaw

For LexisNexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law, there are a variety of options and plans available that are designed to meet the needs of the customers. There are packages that range from flat rate fees, to hourly, and per search costs. In order to find a plan that is right for you, please visit the company websites at the links provided below.