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Missouri Workers' Compensation: Introduction

This guide explains procedures and practice tips specific to workers' compensation claims in Missouri.

How To Use This Guide:

The Purpose of this guide is to allow practicing attorneys and/or injured workers to have a better understanding of the workers compensation system. The resources provided throughout the guide are mainly catered to those attorneys and/or injured workers who do not have access to legal research data bases, which require subscriptions. However, this guide does include a few links to those types of resources as well. Below is a list of the horizontal tabs listed at the top of this guide. The description of each tab and its purpose is provided below. You can also scroll over the tab for a brief description of what that page encompasses. 


     In introduction tab, you will find basic information regarding Missouri Workers' Compensation Law. 

     Scroll over the introduction tab for access to:

         1. The Basics - this page explains the workers compensation process. 

         2. Employee Benefits - this page explains how employee benefits through the workers' compensation system are calculated.


     In the frequent issues tab, you will find a list of the most common issues in dispute in workers' compensation cases.

     Each issue is briefly discussed and relevant case law or statutory law is given.

     Also, major legislative changes were made in 2005. These changes are also discussed. 


     In the research databases tab, you will find several sources for researching workers' compensation law. 

     There are several links to resources that do not require subscriptions.

     Maps and photos also give you an idea of where to find some of the resources in print. 

Note: Hovering over most links will give more information of what the link provides.