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RU_SOC 8287: Sustainable Development: Books

MU's Books

Book Finder - Use if you already know what book you need.

MERLIN  - For books held by MU

MOBIUS - For books you can borrow from other Missouri libraries

Request an Item/ILL@MU - For books not available in Missouri

To find e-books MU provides access to, use the Books and Media search on the library homepage and click the "SEARCH E-BOOKS" button instead of the "SEARCH" button.

Keyword Searches in the Library Catalog and MOBIUS catalogs

  • Use sustainab* in searches; in most library databases, this will search for all words that begin with those letters.
  • Limit your search results to recent books by using the "Modify Search" button and look for the boxes for "Within."
  • Use OR to group synonyms together. Use AND or a new search line between groups of synonyms.


sustainab* OR ecolog* OR "climate change" OR "energy efficien*"


housing OR construction OR building*