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University Archives

University Archives forms part of the Division of Special Collections, Archives and Rare Books of the MU Libraries at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The University Archives is authorized to collect, preserve, and make accessible to the public historical records created or received in connection with the transaction of university and university system business. The University Archives is also authorized to solicit personal papers, manuscripts, and organizational records that enrich the historical understanding of the University and the University System.

Special Collections and the University Archives are in two different locations.  The University Archives are located in 703 Lewis Hall, not in Ellis Library.

University of Missouri Collection in Special Collections, Ellis Library

The University of Missouri Collection is comprised of publications emanating from the University of Missouri System and the Columbia campus administrative and academic offices. These publications include printed and/or published books, newsletters, yearbooks, catalogs, directories, pamphlets, manuals, newspapers, and documents. Manuscript materials are not included. Works by faculty members published off campus are accepted as gifts and purchased as funds are available. The Catalog for 1842/43 is one of the earliest publications in the collection.

This collection is complemented by University of Missouri material in University Archives. While there is some duplication of material, the SPEC-M Collection focuses on published material, while University Archives is the depository of official records of the University of Missouri at Columbia as well as of the administrative records of the University of Missouri System. The University Archives also houses and preserves private papers, organizational records, and manuscripts that relate to the history of the University and the University System.

Sanborn Map Collection in Special Collections, Ellis Library

Documenting the layout of 390 Missouri cities from 1883 to 1951, the 10,351 map sheets in the collection are an invaluable research tool for urban historians, architectural historians, environmentalists, genealogists and preservationists.

The large scale (1:600) offers detailed information on the use made of commercial and industrial buildings, their size, shape and construction material. Some residential areas are also mapped. The maps show the location of water mains, fire alarms and fire hydrants. They are color-coded to identify the structure (adobe, frame, brick, stone, iron) of each building.

Microfiche copies of the maps are also available.

Commercially prepared microfilm of maps for 55 Missouri cities dating from 1941-1992 supplement the collection.

The collection is cataloged. A list of the maps in the collection is available on the Special Collections website.  A portion of the Sanborn Maps of Missouri Collection has been digitally scanned and is available online.

Plat books of Missouri counties in Special Collections, Ellis Library

Documenting the ownership and locations of plots of land in Missouri counties, the 111 items in the collection are an invaluable research tool for genealogists, urban historians, and preservationists. This collection is available in its entirety in digital form and can be viewed online.