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SW 4395/7395: Death, Grief, and Loss: Journals on Death and Loss

Journals on Death, Grief, and Loss

Generally the most effective way to search for a topic is by using databases, however, sometimes you may want to look at a specific journal.  Following is a list of some of several journals held by MU Libraries that relate to Death, Grief, and Loss.

Death and Dying

Death Studies

Journal of Loss & Trauma

Journal of Personal and Interpersonal Loss

Omega: Journal of Death & Dying

Readings in Aging and Death: A Contemporary Perspecitve (1977-1978)

There are many,many more Social Work and Psychology journals available through MU Libraries that deal with the topics of dying and bereavement.  Use the database tab to identify resources for finding articles on a specific topic, or if you have a journal title in mind, click on Journal Finder from the libraries' home page.


Dissertations & Masters Theses

If you are beginning work on your Masters thesis or Doctoral dissertation, you may want to look at others that have been completed, both here at MU and at other universities.  It is sometimes helpful to get ideas about organization and see what a finished product looks like. You can also take advantage of the literature review and other information if it is on a similar topic to yours.

Click here for an extensive guide to MU and non-MU theses and dissertations and the various options you have for getting copies.