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Applying for Graduate School: Master's vs. PhD

Get information on graduate programs, medical schools, law schools, the application process, and more.

Finding Ph.D. programs

Peterson's: Search for Ph.D. programs - How to search for, determine the best locations, cost, and opportunities for Ph.D. degrees.

Library Resources: Ph.D. Applications

Master's or PhD?


Idealist:  What's the difference between a masters and doctoral degree?  Descriptions, comparative charts, how to decide, and examples of how each are utilized professionally.

OEDb (Open Education Database): Master's vs Ph.D. Degrees for Graduate Students: Lisitng of careers in order of those requiring a Master's degree and those requiring a Ph.D. degree, in addition to information on salaries and research.  Master's or Ph.D.:  Which is Right for You?  Analysis of time, money, commitment, and weighing your options. Master's or Doctorate?  Information about both options, links to business/engineering/medical/law schools, financial aid, and studying abroad in addition to preparation for tests including the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and TOEFL. "The top Ph.D. and Master's Resource on the Web." - Directory of programs and rankings by subject area.  Complete with an education index, interviews of peers in Master's and Ph.D. programs, and job postings for Ph.D. and Master's graduates.


Demystifying Post-Graduate Research: from MA to Ph.D. (2001)

Subject Guide

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