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Applying for Graduate School: Entrance Exams

Get information on graduate programs, medical schools, law schools, the application process, and more.

MCAT preparation (Medical)


Medical College Admission Test (MCAT):  The official website for the MCAT with information about the test in addition to preparing and applying for the test and what scores mean.

MCAT Test Preparation - The Princeton Review:  Information about the MCAT, free practice tests, and advice.  Scroll over the "medical" tab for additional information on medical schools, scholarships, studying abroad, and careers after graduation.

Books (Ellis Reserve):

MCAT Lesson Book (2011)

MCAT General Chemistry-Organic Chemistry-Biology-Physics-Verbal Reasoning Review Notes (2010)

Other MCAT book and e-book resources can be found through the library's catalog: Keyword search for MCAT

Taking the DAT (Dental)


Dental School Advice: Information on school selection, applications, and DAT study materials.

Top Ten Nation:  "Rankings, Tips, Advice.  This is Dental School Nation"


How to Prepare for the Dental Admissions Test (DAT)

When the GRE is Tomorrow (Graduate)


GRE: Educational Testing Service - The official site to register for the GRE.  Resources also include  information about the test, testing centers and dates, and how to prepare for the test.

GRE Prep: - studying tools for verbal and quantitative reasoning, vocabulary, essays, and practice tests.

Princeton Review - free practice tests, generalized overviews, answers to FAQs, and help interpreting results.


GRE Prep Course (2011)

GRE 4000: The 4000 Words Essential for the GRE (2011)

Nova's GRE Math Bible (2009)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Acing the GRE (2007)


Taking the GMAT (Buisness)

GMAT: the Official Website: Registration and preparation for the GMAT in addition to study materials and business school information.

Princeton Review: Business - Overview of the GMAT, free practice tests, and more.

Beat the GMAT Forum: GMAT help and MBA admissions advice

LSAT Preparation (Law)


About the LSAT - Law School Admissions Council (LSAC):  Dates and deadlines, preparation tips, and knowledge about the exam.

LSAT Test Preparation - Princeton Review:  LSAT advice, about the test, and free practice tests.  Scrolling over the law tab leads to additional information about the exam, schools & programs, financial resources, and careers in the field after graduation.

LSAT Blog: Ace the LSAT (NYC LSAT tutor) - Descriptions of books, questions for previous exams, study plans, admissions information, and much more.


LSAT 2011 Strategies, Practice, and Review (2010)


Master the LSAT (2011)

LSAT Exam Prep (2006)

General Test Preparation