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United Nations Papers: Books

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Locating UN Print Documents

United Nations print documents and books about the UN all begin with JX or JZ according to our classification system, Library of Congress.  This means to browse for material in the stacks one needs to go to 2 East in Ellis Library. According to current cataloging rules, the documents should mostly be in the JZ4935-5160 range.  However, they could be in many places depending on the topic.  The full list of possibilities is below.

Some books with this call number will also be in the Reference Stacks in 1 East and the Ready Reference Stacks in the Information Commons.  Other are located in the MU Law Library in Hulston Hall.

Here's a complete list from the Library of Congress Classification System:

Subclass JX ( now obsolete, but older material may use)

 JX(1)‑(6650)                           International law, see JZ and KZ

JX(63)‑(191)                                 Collections.  Documents.  Cases

JX(220)‑(1195)                             Collections, cases, etc.  By country

JX(1261)‑(1283)                            Codification of international law

JX(1305)‑(1598)                            Foreign relations

JX(1621)‑(1896)                            Diplomacy

JX(1901)‑(1995)                            International arbitration, organization, etc.

JX(2001)‑(6650)                            International law

Subclass JZ

JZ5‑6530                                International relations

JZ5.5‑18                                      Periodicals

JZ24‑38                                        Societies, associations, academies, institutes, etc.,for the study of international relations

JZ63‑1153                                    Sources

JZ221‑1153                                        By region or country

JZ1249‑1254                                 Relation to other disciplines and topics

JZ1305‑2060                                 Scope of international relations. Political theory.Diplomacy

JZ1329.5‑1395                                    By period

JZ1400‑1454                                       Diplomatic and consular service

JZ1464‑2060                                       Scope of international relations with regard to contries, territories, regions, etc.

JZ3674‑3875                                 State territory and its parts

JZ3685                                               Boundaries

JZ3686‑3875                                       International waters

JZ4835‑5490                                 International organizations and associations

JZ4841‑4848                                       Political non‑governmental organizations.

JZ4850‑5490                                       Intergovernmental organizations.  IGOs

JZ4853‑4934                                             League of Nations

JZ4935‑5160                                             United Nations

JZ5511.2‑6300                              Promotion of peace.  Peaceful change

JZ5514‑5526                                       Societies, associations, academies, institutes, etc.,for peace promotion research, and education

JZ5527‑5532                                       Congresses and conferences

JZ5587‑6009                                       International security.  Disarmament.  Global survival

JZ6010‑6060                                       Pacific settlement of international disputes

JZ6360‑6377                                 Non‑military coercion

JZ6385‑6405                                 The armed conflict.  War and order

JZ6422‑6422.5                              Neutrality.  Non‑participation in wars.  Norms of neutrality

JZ6530                                         Humanitarian aspects of war