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Subcultures: Books

For Meagan Ciesla's English 1000 class

Cultures: General

Finding Books About a Culture/Subculture

For groups with a well-known name, try a SUBJECT search in the MERLIN catalog first:

  • Rastafarians
  • Baptists
  • Native Americans

For groups unlikely to have a subject heading, try a KEYWORD search in the MERLIN catalog:

  • nascar and (cultur* or subcultur*)
  • tattoo* and (cultur* or subcultur*)
  • dungeons and dragons and (cultur* or subcultur*)
  • "christian rock" and (cultur* or subcultur*)

Video showing how to locate books by call number in Ellis Library

Google Books: Finding books that MENTION something

Useful for finding books that MENTION some narrow subject, particular person, particular event, etc.  Sample searches:

  • "Society for Creative Anachronism"
  • "Torger Johnson"
  • "Jehri curl"
  • "church supper" Missouri
Google Book Search

Religious Subcultures

Other Subcultures