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Linguistics: Specialized References by Subject

Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects


A dictionary of linguistics and phonetics, by David Crystal.  MU ELLIS REFERENCE  P29 .C65 1997

A dictionary of phonetics and phonology, by R.L. Trask.  MU ELLIS REFERENCE  P216 .T73 1996

The Handbook of phonetic sciences, edited by William J. Hardcastle and John Laver.  MU ELLIS  P221 .H28 1997

The Cambridge handbook of phonology, edited by Paul de Lacy.  MU ELLIS P217 .C29 2007


The Cambridge handbook of sociolinguistics, edited by Rajend Mesthrie.  MU ELLIS  P40 .C36 2011

Concise encyclopedia of sociolinguistics, edited by Rajend Mesthrie; consulting editor, R.E. Asher.  MU ELLIS REFERENCE P40 .C564 2001

Computational Linguistics

The Oxford handbook of computational linguistics, edited by Ruslan Mitkov. MU ELLIS P98 .O95 2000. 

Research on Language and Computation (Online Journal)


Handbook of Morphology, edited by Andrew Spencer and Arnold M. Zwicky.  MU ELLIS P241 .H36 1998

Many morphologies, edited by Paul Boucher.  MU ELLIS P241 .M26 2002


The Cambridge handbook of pragmatics, edited by Keith Allan and Kasia M. Jaszczolt.  MU ELLIS P99.4.P72 C365 2012.

Concise encyclopedia of pragmatics, edited by Jacob L. Mey.  MU ELLIS REFERENCE P99.4.P72 C62 1998.


Concise encyclopedia of syntactic theories, edited by Keith Brown and Jim Miller.  MU ELLIS P291 .C575 1996

The handbook of contemporary syntactic theory, edited by Mark Baltin and Chris Collins.  MU ELLIS  P291 .H246 2001 


Language Acquisition

The Cambridge handbook of child language, edited by Edith L. Bavin.  MU ELLIS  P118 .C36 2009

The handbook of second language acquisition, edited by Catherine J. Doughty and Michael H. Long. MU ELLIS P118.2 .H363 2005


Language and the brain Loraine K. Obler, Kris Gjerlow.  MU ELLIS  P132 .O25 1999

Journal of Neurolinguistics (Online Journal)

Philosophy of Language

Concise encyclopedia of philosophy of language, edited by Peter V. Lamarque ; consulting editor, R.E. Asher.  MU ELLIS REFERENCE P106 .C5946 1997

A companion to the philosophy of language / edited by Bob Hale and Crispin Wright.  MU ELLIS P106 .C5945 1997


The handbook of contemporary semantic theory, edited by Shalom Lappin.  MU ELLIS P325 .H28 1996.