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Resource Guide for New Law Faculty: Books

A guide designed to introduce new faculty to the research and teaching resources available from the MU Law Library.

Quick and Dirty

  1. Go to Merlin catalog.  Limit to MU for local books.
  2. Do a keyword search for your topic, i.e. memory and conflict.
  3. Look for a book that looks like it is on topic.  Example search: conflict and memory and ethnic could result in Making peace with the past?: memory, trauma, and the Irish Troubles / Graham Dawson from 2007. 
  4. Look at the subject headings.  Click on the subject heading that looks most applicable.  Collective Memory
  5. Rinse and repeat.

Search the Library Catalog

Search Library:

Search MOBIUS catalog

Cool extras in the Library Catalog





Create a List in the UM LIBRARIES CATALOG:

You can create lists containing two or more items from your account on MERLIN.  This is a helpful tool for keeping various amounts of materials organized.  Log in to your account, browse the MERLIN catalog, checking the box on the right hand side for items that you want to add to a list.  Then click on the box to create a link on the top of the results page.  You will be prompted to name the list and can add notes for your convenience. 

Reading History:

When you log in to your account on MERLIN, you will be offered the opportunity to opt in to "Reading History."  If you choose to do so, then MERLIN will track the items that you have checked out (only from MERLIN libraries; this feature is unavailable for MOBIUS).  Creating a history is optional and has implications under Missouri discovery laws.  Please read the opt in information available on your account home page for more information.

Send a MERLIN Record Via Text:

When you have located an item in the UM LIBRARIES CATALOG, you can click on the "Send Via Text" box toward the top of the page, enter your phone number, and receive the title, location, and call number of the item that you have chosen. 

MU Law Library Catalogs

At MU, two library catalogs are available to faculty, staff, and students. 

The larger catalog is MOBIUS, which is self-described as consisting of " 59 academic libraries, 2 public libraries, and the Missouri State Library. The organization's purpose is to share library materials, information, and services using accessible, cost effective methods. Today, the MOBIUS Union Catalog has expanded to include more than 23 million items, serving over 750,000 people from the higher education community and the state of Missouri."

MERLIN is one part (called a "cluster") of MOBIUS and is comprised of "the catalogs of the libraries of the University of Missouri system."  MERLIN includes the MU Law Library catalog.

Not Just Books

Honestly, the MU Law Library catalog isn't just for books anymore. You'll find links to electronic resources in Westlaw, Lexis, HeinOnline, and other research databases.

Requesting Books in the Library Catalog

If you find an item in another MERLIN library that is unavailable on MU's campus and would like to borrow it then you can do so by following these steps:

Click on the "Request Item" button.

At the next screen:

  • You will be given instructions to log in using your campus e-mail username or your name and 8-digit EMPL ID.
  • Once logged in, choose a Pickup Location from drop-down menu. (The codes in this list are the institution codes for the MERLIN cluster.) This indicates where you want the book sent.
  • Click Submit. The system will respond with a message telling you that the item is being sent. IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY, PLEASE ASK YOUR FACULTY LIAISON LIBRARIAN FOR HELP.

If available in another library, requested items generally arrive in 2-4 days.  We will notify you and place the item in your mailbox for easy retrieval. MU faculty, staff and students can view their accounts by going to the "My Library Account" tab on MERLIN's home page.

Requesting Books in MOBIUS

If you find an item in MOBIUS that you wish to borrow, then follow these steps:

Click on "Request this Item".

You will be asked, "With which cluster are you affiliated?" Select MERLIN and click on the "Submit information" button.

At the next screen:

  • Type your name
  • Enter your campus e-mail username and password.
  • Choose a Pickup Cluster from drop-down menu.
  • Choose a Pickup Location from drop-down menu. (The codes in this list are the institution codes for the selected cluster.) This indicates where you want the book sent.
  • Submit your request. The system will respond with a message telling you that the item is being sent. IF YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY, PLEASE ASK YOUR FACULTY LIAISON LIBRARIAN FOR HELP.

Catalog Search Operators

Search Operators
Adjacency Multiple words are searched together as one phrase. University of Missouri
Truncation Use * to substitute for 1-5 characters.
Use ** to substitute for any number of characters.
Use ? to substitute for a single character.
huck** finn
Operators Use "AND" to search all words.
Use "OR" to search ANY single word.
Use "AND NOT" to exclude words.
art and therapy
dog or canine
  environmental policy and not U.S.
  Note that you can use these clauses in combination with selections from the operator pulldown menu (as indicated in brackets). History [And]
Naples or Napoli [And]
Borgia or Alexander
Proximity Use "NEAR" to search words within 10 words of each other.
Use "WITHIN #" to search words within a specific number of words.
birds near North America
  missouri within 2 university
Field limits Use labels to search specific fields:
a: author t: title s: subject n: note
a: zora and t:watching
s:hopi and s:religion

Getting Around the Law Library


Who does what?

Sometimes it is nice to know who to ask. Your library liaison is always a great person to ask, but you can always ask at the Reference Desk, or use our webpage to see who does what at the MU Law Library.

Questions about the Library Catalog and MOBIUS?

Details about the MERLIN and MOBIUS systems can be found at the MERLIN FAQ page.

Interlibrary Loan

Not finding the item you need in the UM LIBRARIES CATALOG and MOBIUS? Members of MERLIN and MOBIUS can borrow items from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Fill out this form to request the items you need for your research.  This guide to Interlibrary loan explains all the details.