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LibX Browser Extension: Engineering Library: Additional LibX Features

Right-Click Menu: Highlight and Search

  1. Highlight and select text with your mouse on any web page or PDF document.
  2. Right-click.
  3. Choose among several options: MERLIN, Discover@MU, Specific Books, Google Scholar, etc. 
  4. Search your high-lighted text in the selected resource with Left-click.

To add WorldCat, the world's libraries, to the right-click menu, go to the left pull-down menu in the LibX toolbar select "LibX Preferences" and then the "Context Menu." 

Right-click context menu



From this menu you can:

  • Directly search MERLIN, Discover@MU, Worldcat, Google, Google Books, Google Scholar (try this with a citation you need!)

  • Get off-campus access to MU-only resources by reloading the page via our proxy server (requires MU username). 

The context menu will change, depending on what text is highlighted. For instance, if an ISBN is selected, you will be offered appropriate ISBN searches. Currently recognized are CrossRef DOIs, ISBNs, ISSNs, and PubMed IDs.

Support for Google Scholar

  • Select text and right-click to search for the selected text on Google Scholar.
  • LibX will direct you to an electronic copy owned by the MU Libraries via if you cannot access the Google Scholar link.
  • You can use this feature even from inside a PDF on a Windows PC, which makes retrieving papers referenced in a PDF file a snap.

Embedded Links

LibX places the button  MU icon in web pages such as:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Google
  • Google Scholar (you must select MU as your library in your Google Scholar PreferencesVideo
  • New York Times Book Reviews
  • Yahoo! Search, and more...

Embedded link on Amazon book page


Amazon  screen

Click on FindIt@MU to access to an article or search the MERLIN catalog to find out whether MU Libraries have the book before you buy it.

Autolinking Feature

  • LibX links any numbers perceived as ISSNs or ISBNs, but sometimes, it will add links to other numbers on a web page like 9-digit zip codes.
    • To turn off this "autolink pages" feature, open the "Libx MU Libraries " menu in the Firefox toolbar,
    • Uncheck "autolink pages," and reload the page.
    • The autolinking will stay off and no longer link any numbers, but you'll still be able to use the rest of the features of LibX.
  • For ISSNs/ISBNs that are already hot-linked to another page, press your left mouse button and drag/highlight across the number and then right click.  This over-rides the web page hot-link.