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Journalism - Bloomberg Basics: Keyboard

Bloomberg Keyboard Basics

Bloomberg Keyboard

Red Keys

CONN/DFLT:          Press to log-in and log-out

ESCAPE/Cancel:   Abort the function

Yellow Keys

PEOPLE:         Information about people (news, career history, boards, personal, education compensation,etc.)
GOVT:               Displays lists of bond (U.S. & International)
CORP:             Corporate news, stocks, bond prices & yields by company
MTGE:             Mortgage pools and generics
M-MKT:            Money markets (for borrowing or lending money for 3 or less years)- information on specific issues: bonds, t-bills, commercial paper
MUNI:              Information about bonds issued by municipalities in the U.S.
PRFD:              Covers public and private preferred securities offered by countries
EQUITY:          Displays trades and information about listed and OTC U.S. and global stocks. Historical U. S. equity data = back to 1980
CMDTY:           Exchange listed futures and options contracts unerlying financial and physical products such as wheat, gold, weather, etc.
INDEX:             Statistical data and market info, includes markets and economic indicators
CRNCY:           Current market information for global currencies

Green Keys

GO:                   Same as ENTER key on a regular keyboard
MENU:              Back to the previous menu
HELP:               Type a keyword and press Help for help. Press HELP twice to get the Bloomberg chat window
SEARCH         Search Bloomberg
PRINT:              Print to Journalism Printers
MESSAGE:       Send email messages and view incoming alerts/headlines
INS:                   Insert
HOME:              Same as HOME on regular keyboard
PgDWN FWD:  Same page down on a regular keyboard
CMND:              Same as command on a regular keyboard
GO:                   Same as ENTER key on a regular keyboard
END:                 Same as END key on a regular keyboard

Blue Keys

PANEL:           Toggle between Bloomberg windows

Bloomberg Help & Communication Tools

Type a keyword, company name, name of a person, etc.  Press HELP to search the entire database.

Press HELP twice to open a chat window to the Bloomberg Help Desk

Type IPCB to open a list of cheat-sheets. 

MSGM  - Message System Main Menu

IB - Instant Bloomberg chat

GRAB - Type GRAB from any screen to send a single screen as a message attachment

News Commands

Main News menu

NSE  News search engine

TOP Today's top headlines

TOP DEAL Today's top M&A headlines

READ Most read news     

NRR News readership rankings

TNI Dual news category search

MNI Most read news by category

NI READ Scrolling version of most-read stories

NI HOT Global hot news

NI WNEWS Who's who people news

AV Audio Visual / Multimedia menu

LIVE Live broadcasts & interviews

NRC Search for news wires by name or language