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Women's & Gender Studies: Feminist Methodology

Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects

Resources for feminist research methods

Research methodology covers a range of topics, and a quick search of the catalog for feminist research will lead you to an extensive range of options. Most feminist research methods books are located in the HQ 1180 call number area, on the second floor, east, in Ellis Library.

Below is a small sampling of titles:

Feminist Scholarship Is About...

  • not just describing the world, but looking for ways to change the world
  • reducing hierarchy as an organizing principle of social life
  • working to make people who are often invisible or silenced visible and heard
  • acknowledging the researcher's own connections to the people, events, and phenomena being studied

Selected Methods Employed by Feminist Scholars

Action/participatory Ethnography Meta-analysis
Autoethnography Ethnomethodology Multisite
Biography Evaluation Narratology
Case study Experiential Needs assessments
Close reading Experimental Oral history
Comparative case study Feminist jurisprudence Participant observation
Content analysis Focus group Personal narrative
Conversational analysis Genealogy Simulation
Cross-culture analysis Geographic Info Systems Survey
Deconstruction Historiography Thick description
Deviant historiography Institutional ethnography Trope/Visual analysis
Discourse analysis Intertextuality Unobtrusive observation


adapted from:

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