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Census Data: 1870

Guide to statistical information collected by the U.S. Census Bureau.

1870 Decennial Census


Ninth census [microform] : census reports compiled from the original returns of the ninth census, June 1, 1870

Census of population (1870)



v. 1. Statistics of the population, embracing the tables of race, nationality, sex, selected ages, and occupations. v. 2. Vital statistics embracing the tables of deaths, births, sex, and age, to which are added the statistics of the blind, the deaf and dumb, the idiotic, and the insane. v. 3. Statistics of wealth and industry, embracing tables of wealth, taxation, and public indebtedness; of agriculture; manufactures; mining; and the fisheries.


A compendium of the ninth census, (June 1, 1870), compiled pursuant to a concurrent resolution of Congress, and under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, by Francis A. Walker, Superintendent of census.



HA201 1870 .C

Includes statistics of population by race, nativity, and nationality; school attendence and illiteracy; schools, libraries, newspapers and churches; pauperism and crime; areas, families and dwellings; sex, and school, military and citizenship ages; occupations; the blind, deaf and dumb, insane and idiotic; wealth, taxation and public indebtedness; and agriculture, manufactures, mining and fishing.


Statistics of population.





Statistical atlas of the United States based on the results of the ninth census 1870 with contributions from many eminent men of science and several departments of the government. Comp. under the authority of Congress by Francis A. Walker, M. A., superintendent of the ninth census.



HA201 1870 .E

Preface and introd. by the compiler.--Index to maps and charts.--The physical features of the United States, by J. D. Whitney.--The woodlands and forest systems of the United States.--Silver mines of the West, by R. W. Raymond.--The coal measures of the United States, by C. H. Hitchcock.--Areas and political divisions of the United States, 1776-1874, by S. W. Stocking.--The minor political divisions of the United States, by S. A. Galpin.--The progress of the nation, 1790-1870, by the compiler.--An approximate life-table for the United States on the basis of the 9th census, 1870, by E. B. Elliott.--The relations of race and nationality to mortality, by the compiler.





Advance sheets of Census reports, vol. III, tables III-VII, to be preceded by the tables of wealth, taxation, and indebtedness. Remarks upon the statistics of agriculture.--tab. III. General statistics of agriculture, by states and territories, 1870, 1860, 1850.--tab. IV. The same, by counties, 1870.--tab. V. Selected statistics of agriculture by townships, 1870.--tab. VI. Number and size of farms, by states and territoryies, 1870, ,860, ,850.--tab. VII. The same, by counties, 1870.


Interstate migrations among the native white population as indicated by differences between state of birth and state of residence; a series of maps based on the census, 1870-1930. By C. J. Galpin and T. B. Manny.



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