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German 4005: Resources for White Power Movements

Finding Primary Sources in the Library Catalog

There are several ways to find primary and historical sources in Discover@MU.

  1. Limit by publication date to the period you are studying.
  2. Search for the works of a person from that time period by searching for them as an author, last name first
  3. Include certain words in a subject search: 
  • sources
  • correspondence
  • sermons
  • diaries
  • personal narratives
  • interviews
  • quotations
  • collections
  • speeches
  • manuscripts
  • archives
  • conduct manuals

For example: "world war" and SU: sources.

More keywords identifying primary sources in Library of Congress Subject Headings

Some Print Indexes

Most of our online databases have only limited coverage prior to the 1980s. You may want to consult older printed indexes to discover articles published in earlier years. These usually give only citations, using abbreviations or a numeric code for the journal titles. These are usually spelled out in the front of each volume. Once you've identified a journal, you need to look it up using our Journal Finder to see if we have the volume/issue you need and where it is, either online or in print.

Some online archival collections