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Art History 4005W/7005: Art of the Book in Special Collections

Resources supporting the study of manuscripts and early books as objects.

Databases for finding articles

Discover@MU searches the library catalog, ebooks, online journals, and most of our databases, including the Art Index.
However, we have additional databases that aren't covered by Discover@MU and need to be searched separately.


Finding Books

While articles may seem less intimidating, they tend to be very specific in focus. Books may give a wider context or overview of a topic. In addition, humanities research is often published as individually authored chapters in a book volume or collection.

Discover@MU functions as our book catalog. To limit the results to books only, tick the UM Books box in the left sidebar. This displays books from all four UM campuses. You can request that physical books from other locations be sent to MU for you to use. They're usually delivered in about two business days.

The MOBIUS catalog searches most of the academic libraries in Missouri, including the very strong art history collections at Washington University and the Saint Louis Art Museum. You can request these books too and your MU ID card functions as a library card at any MOBIUS library.

Google Book Search is a system that allows you to search the full text within a book. Very helpful for finding specific information within a book on a broader topic. Although you may not be able to view entire books under copyright, you can identify which books include useful information and then find them in a library.

The Internet Archive also includes the full text of many books. They operate a system of "controlled digital lending", which allows you to register to "borrow" or view books still under copyright for a limited time.