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Chinese 3310:Chinese Poetry: Guide to Resources

Reference Shelf

Bibliographies and Indexes

Discover@MU searches the widest selection of materials, but sometimes it's helpful to be more focused. The following databases search a narrower range of materials.

Finding works of literature

To find books containing the works of an author, search the author's name in Discover@MU.
Once you have results on the screen, you can make the search more precise:

  • use the search box drop-down menu to limit the search to authors
  • use the limiters in the left sidebar to limit to books only

You can also expand your search to MOBIUS, which includes the East Asian Library at Washington University in St. Louis. Books from other MOBIUS libraries can be requested by clicking the request button and will be delivered within a few days.
Your MU ID card is also a library card at MOBIUS libraries.

Note that names may be transcribed from non-Roman characters in a variety of ways.

Note also that collected works may not list the individual titles of poems in the catalog record. You may need to physically check an index volume or table of contents to find the specific piece you are looking for.

You may also search in Google Books. Copyright restrictions may prevent you from seeing the entire book online, but this works as an online index to books you can then find in the library. The advanced search is more precise.