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State of YAYA Spring 2023: Where to Start

State of the YAYA


  • Youth and Young Adults
  • 18-24 year old consumers

2022 Concepts:

  • Future home and life
  • Healthy living and wellness
  • Culture and entertainment

Concept 1: Future Home and Life

Topics to consider within future home and life:

  • Future plans
    • Buy a house vs. rent
    • Get married vs. not
    • Have kids vs. not
  • Opinions on rural vs. urban living
  • Work arrangement
    • WFH
    • Hybrid
    • In-person
  • Most important qualities in a first home
    • Design and layout
    • Single family home vs. multi-family unit
    • Location and neighborhood
  • Automated, digital homes, appliances and services
    • Smart home devices
      • Roomba
      • Nest
      • Ring
      • Etc.
    • Surveillance ethics
      • Data and privacy
      • Police and public use of surveillance video
  • Thoughts on sustainable living
    • Sustainable food and packaging
    • Sustainable transportation (hybrid, electronic, self-driving)
  • Vehicle preferences (new vs. used, lease, buying online, specific features ((aux over radio))
    • Attitudes toward sustainable transportation (hybrid, electric, self-driving, non-car e-bikes, walk to work)

Potential qualitative topics to explore:

  • Delivery services
  • Little/less human contact or intervention

Concept 2: YAYA on Healthy Living and Wellness

Topics to consider within healthy living and wellness:

  • Perceptions of healthy living
    • Water consumption
    • Work/life balance and "work to live" philosophy
    • Fitness regimen & purchasing decisions
      • Fitness subscriptions
      • Gym memberships & fitness classes
      • Home equipment
  • Proactive approach to health
    • Changing environmental and lifestyle factors
    • Reducing pharmaceutical interventions
  • Supplements
    • Physical health and immunity
    • Mental health
    • Physical appearance and beauty
    • Better living through science
  • Caffeine and energy drinks
  • Alcohol
    • Seltzers
    • Vodka water
    • Low carb beers
    • Non-alcoholic, alcohol-free, and mocktail drinks
  • Tobacco and vaping
    • Prevalence
    • Attitudes toward tobacco use and public smoking
  • THC and CBD
    • Recreational use
    • Medical use
  • Virtual, fast healthcare
    • Tele-health diagnosis and prescriptions
    • Pharmaceutical subscriptions
  • Media related to health and wellness
    • Podcasts
    • Documentaries, docu-series
    • Books
  • Employee benefits
    • Benefits to support a healthy lifestyle
    • Benefits beyond insurance

Potential qualitative topics to explore:

  • Health vs. wealth
  • How is wealth defined?
  • What is the benefit of wealth?

Concept 3: YAYAs on Culture and Entertainment

Topics to consider within culture and entertainment:

  • Celebrity culture and insular worlds
    • Artists, Hollywood, and Influencers
    • Scandal, backlash, and "cancel culture"
  • Importance (or lack thereof) of status symbols & luxury brands
    • Status symbols / luxury brands
      • Lululemon
      • Apple
      • Etc.
    • Payment preferences
      • Buy now, pay later
      • Cash, credit, online banking
      • Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, etc.
  • Originality vs. “sampling”
    • Copyright issues as they relate to brands
      • Banksy, Guess, etc.
    • Music drops & sampling
  • Cult of personality & hero worship
    • Kanye, Elon Musk, athletes, and other celebrities
    • Startups, tech valley, and hero worship in the workplace
  • Living in a global media community
    • Foreign films
    • Subtitles
    • Anime
    • K-Pop, J-Pop, and C-Pop
  • Popular podcast genres
    • True crime
    • Health & wellness
  • Gaming culture / sports betting
  • Easter Eggs
    • Lingo
    • Texting etiquette
    • Themes/topics of trending TikToks


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