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Elegy and Iambus


Vol 1

Callinus, Tyrtaeus, Asius, Mimnermus, Solon Cleobulus Cleobulina , Demodocus, Phocylides, Xenopnanes, Theognis,
Hipparchus, Pigres, Epicharmus, Phrynichus, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Ion of Chios, Ion of Samos, Philiades, Melanthus,
Empedocles, Archelaus, Hippon, Dionysius Chalcus, Euripides, Alcibiades, Agathon, Euenus, Critias, Socrates, Antimachus
Vol 2 Plato, Summias of Thebes, Praxiteles, Parrhasius, Zeuxis, Thucydides(?), Apollodorus, Dionysius the Younger, Mamercus, Astydamas, Philisous, Aphareus, Speusippus, Aristotle, Crates, Castorion, Cleon, Theocritus of Chios, Menander, Panarces, Archilochus, Semonides, Hermippus, Scythinus, Anonymous Inscriptions. 



Remains of Old Latin Vol 1   Ennius and Caecilius


Discourses Bk 1 Bk 2      Bk 3        Bk 4