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Perseus, Loebs, Commentaries


The links on this pages go to the texts of major Greek and Latin author as well as commentaries on those texts.

Loeb Classical Library 

The Loeb Classical Library presents a Greek or Latin text on one page, and a translation of that text on the facing page. 
The entire Loeb Classical Library online can be purchase for a year by an individual for $170.00. If you are a graduate student or it would be
worth the money.  Many older Loeb volumes can be viewed for free at the Internet Archive. Some volumes require a checkout. You can sign up for a s free account to allow you to do this.  Only Loebs for the authors commonly read in high school and college are on these pages.

The link  All Loebs   at the bottom of the page has links to Loeb volumes I was able to find in the Internet Archive.  

Perseus under PhiloLogic at the University of Chicago

Perseus has online Greek and Latin texts. Click a word in the text and a popup window provides a definition and parses the word. Perseus also has translations, commentaries, and the large Greek and Latin dictionaries. Every person learning Greek or Latin should use Perseus.

Warning: The Perseus links might go dead or go to some other text.

The Perseus database gets updated often, and when it does the text's urls get renumbered. The links work now 7/22, but may not in the future.
As a backup, there are links to the author's pages, e.g. Perseus Homer, which seem stable. 



Most of the commentaries are now very old, and I question how useful they will be for students learning to translate Greek and Latin, but some might find them valuable. The links to go to the commentary of the text. Students should be aware, however, that most of the essays containing the historical context of the work are at the beginning of the book, not in the middle where they text commentary is, and those essays might be more useful to them than the commentary.