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Requesting Library Instruction

Complete an Instruction Request Form to schedule an instruction session with one of our librarians:

Library Tours

We encourage MU faculty to assign our MU Libraries Scavenger Hunt, an online, self-paced activity that guides students through Ellis Library.

Time constraints and staff shortages prevent us from being able to accommodate all tour requests. To inquire about a tour of Ellis Library or a specialized library, contact us at

Tips for Requesting Instruction

  • Library visits and instruction sessions should be requested no fewer than 7 days in advance to allow for proper preparation and room availability.
  • Instruction sessions are most effective when a student has an actual information need and can immediately apply the concepts and skills taught in class.
  • An instructor of record (or teaching assistant) must be present during librarian-led sessions.
  • Regardless of whether you will need instruction sessions taught by a librarian, consider collaborating with your subject librarian or the Head of Instructional Services when designing research assignments that require the use of library resources. This avoids student frustrations and ensures that resources for the assignment are available in the library.
  • Be specific about the topics, mechanics, and requirements of an assignment. Novice researchers cannot be expected to locate materials without explicit guidelines.
  • Lay the groundwork for the upcoming instruction session and emphasize the importance of student attendance. Ensure that students are aware of upcoming research assignments prior to a library visit, so that they understand the purpose of the instruction session.
  • Consider having students write a Research Process Paper in preparation for entry in the University Libraries Undergraduate Research Project Contest.

Safety Reminder

Requests for in-person instruction are subject to review and must adhere to current campus guidelines regarding social distancing and the use of masks and other personal protective equipment.

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