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Video in the (Virtual) Classroom

Options for providing video in face to face or online instruction.

Request Streaming Video from a DVD

If it proves impossible to find a readily available streaming version of a video, the only option may be to make a copy from a DVD.
Unfortunately this requires circumventing encryption, copying the DVD, and transmitting the copy, each of which may infringe the rights of the copyright holder.

Time to ask for permission!

The Libraries are happy to help with this process. You will need to:

  • identify the copyright holder
  • request permission in writing
  • maintain records of your request and any response.

Once you've obtained permission, the Libraries can make a copy of a lawfully acquired DVD (purchased by the Libraries or the instructor, not borrowed or copied), store it on a secure server, and provide a link to provide access.

Finding the Copyright Holder

The copyright holder of a motion picture is usually the production company or studio. This will usually be indicated on the DVD packaging, but you may check several other sources:

Production companies often have a licensing department for licensing stills or clips from motion pictures, but license performances of an entire film through a collective licensing agency such as the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation.

If you need assistance with determining the copyright holder or locating their contact information, please contact copyright librarian Anne Barker.


Requesting Permission

Your request for permission to copy and stream a DVD should be made in writing and be specific about your proposed use.
Retain a copy and keep records of when you requested permission and of any response you receive. This process could take 1-3 months.

A model permission letter is provided below for your use. Please note that it is tailored to our current COVID19 circumstances.
Send two copies of your request and a self-addressed stamped envelope to the copyright holder or license agency.