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Folk Tales Online

Ashliman's Online Folk Tales by ATU

Finding folktales by / with ATU

Use the tabs on the left to find tales by ATU type. Most of the links go to D.L. Ashlimann's website Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts. The website has most of the Grimm Tales. These tales he does not have link to HathiTrust volumes of Grimm
containing the tale. The HathiTrust versions sometimes are slow to load.

Prof. Ashlimann has gathered tales with the same ATU classification together. 
These bundles are identified as Ashlimann's Examples. 


Another wonderful site that has recently reappeared is the Multilingual Folk Tale Database. It has many folktales in their original language as well as English. It is very easy to navigate to particular ATU classes and loads quickly.


Wikipedia is another great repository of folk tales.
This page organizes them by country and gives the ATU classification for many of the tales. 


Folktales without ATU. 

Aesop's Books has most of Aesop's Fables with wonderful illustrations. They are numbered
by Perry Number, which has nothing to do with AT or ATU numbers. 

The Golden Scales organizes tales by country and region. also has a number of tales organized by country and region. 

Locating the Tales cited in the Thompson Motif Index

The Thompson Motif Index is a finding aid as well as classification scheme. 
Many of the works used and cited by Thompson are fortunately out of print. They have been digitized
and are available at the HathiTrust. The bibliography for the Motif Index and links to
those digitized books can be found here.  


Finally, not everything is on the Web

Non-european folktales are difficult to find on the web. There are books with good collections, but most of the books are under copyright and have not been digitized.