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Biological Sciences 1500: Animal Species - Guide to Finding Information

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Use the resources on this page to find information on an animal's phylum, class, order or family.  This will lead to more information about the characteristics of an animal than searching by genus and species name.

Taxonomic classification

Use the following resources to find the phylum, class, order and family for your animal species.

eBooks (highl recommended)

eBooks (highly recommended)

       Instructions for using Kingdoms and Domains ebook:

  • Select  Read Online (blue button in left column)
  • Type the name of the phylum for your species in the search within book box (Note:  if you don't know the phylum search by common name or genus).
  • Click on the in the By Chapter column to view pages discussing your phylum


Databases for locating articles

Audio and video resources

Red Legged Frog, photo by John Bettaso

African Elephant, photo by Gary M. Stolz

Adult Goshawk, photo by W.M. Smith

Diamondback Terrapin, photo by Ryan Hagerty

Hermit Crab, photo by USFWS

Cecropia Moth, photo by Ed Loth

 Mollusk, photo by Craig Stihler

White-tailed Deer, photo by Steve Hillebrand

Bighorn Ram, photo by Dean Biggins

Bobcat, photo by Gary Kramer

Manatee, photo by Jim P. Reid

Virginia Big-Eared Bats, photo by Craig Stihler

Baby Red Fox

Black Bear, photo by Steve Hillebrand

Mountain Goat, photo by Dave Grickson

Lesser Canada Goose brood, photo by Donna Dewhurst

Bald Eagle, photo by USFWS

Saw-whet owl, photo by Gary M. Stolz

Common Loons, photo by USFWS

American Kestrel, photo by USFWS

Arctic Tern, photo by Kirk Rogers

The above images are in the public domain and are from the National Digital Library of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.