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Anthro 1000 - Intro to Anthropology

Book, Article, or...?

Andrews, P. W., & Thomson, J. A. (2009). The bright side of being blue: Depression as an adaptation for analyzing complex problems. Psychological Review, 116, 620–654.

Citation has authors, year, title (of article), journal title, volume, pages.  It's an ARTICLE.  Use the "Finda specific article" link on the right side of the library home page.

Hauser, M. (2006). Moral minds: How nature designed our universal sense of right and wrong. New York: Ecco/Harper Collins.

Citation has author, year, title, place of publication: publisher (no journal title, volume or number).  It's a BOOK.  Use the "Find a Specific Book" link on the right side of the library home page.

F. James Davis. (2006). Defining race: comparative perspectives. In D.L. Brunsma (Ed.). Mixed messages: multiracial identities in the "color-blind" era (pp. 15-32). Boulder, Colo: Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Citation has an author and an editor, marked with (Ed.).  Has one title, followed by the word In, followed by an author and another title, and page numbers.  It's a BOOK CHAPTER. Look up the book title (not the chapter title!) using the Find a Specific Book link on the library home page.

Evans, T. & Giometto, A. (2011), Turnover rate of popularity charts in neutral models. arXiv:1105.4044 [physic.soc-ph].

Citatioin has an author, a date, a title, and some cryptic-looking notation containing dots and brackets at the end.  It's a WEB DOCUMENT of some sort.  Google it!