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Nutrition & Exercise Physiology 1310W: Food and Cultures of the World

Truncation and phrase searching

Truncation  - find all words starting with the letters you have typed.   Most common truncation symbol is the asterisk *
Ex, obes* = obese, obesity
      child* = child, childhood, childlike, children

Exact Phrase - use quotation marks around your term to get that exact phrase
Ex. "high fructose corn syrup"

Field Searching - you can search specifically in the title, the abstract (summary), or by author.   
Most databases have pull down menus that let you select which field you want to search.

Suggested search terms

Below are some keywords and phrases that might work for the topics you are researching.  You can also come up with additional terms and phrases to use in your search strategy.  If you find a good article on your topic check to see what words are being used in that article and add them to your search to retrieve additional articles..

Combine these keywords and phrases with the country or region you are searching (e.g. spain and "food habits").  You might need to add additional terms to your search strategy to focus in on your topic.

See the section below on Boolean searching for more information on how to combine search terms in your search strategy..

  • "food habits"
  • "eating habits"
  • "eating behavior"
  • diet
  • "dietary trend*"
  • "dietary habits"
  • diets and trends
  • "food behavior"
  • "food consumption"
  • "food choices"
  • cuisine
  • meals
  • "sustainable diet"
  • "sustainable food"
  • "climate change"
  • "fast food*"
  • "convenience food*"
  • "processed food*"
  • "takeaway food*"
  • "takeaway meal*"'
  • "meals out"
  • "out of home"

Boolean Or Combined Searching

Your searches will work best in most databases if you break your topic apart and then combine the concepts with AND/OR.  This is called Boolean logic and is named after a mathematician

AND  - narrows your searches
   Ex.  Obesity AND Sugared drinks

OR - broadens your searches
    Ex. sugared drinks OR sweetened beverages OR soft drink*

 Most databases will have pull down boxes where you can select AND or OR.

You can also use these together by using parenthesis.
     (obesity OR overweight) AND (sugared drinks OR sweetened beverage* OR soft drink* OR juice OR sports drinks)

The above in pictures 
   OR - gets all the info from both circles

AND - gets only the info where the circles overlap