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RU_SOC 2225: Science, Technology and Society

Workflow and Information Sources

1.  Choose a product (If you're really stuck for ideas you can look at products listed in Parts and Manufacturers resources, or rated by rating services in the NGO's - Labor and Environment sectino)

2.  List components/ingredients (may be listed on packaging, or on product website, or via a resource in Parts and Manufacturers)

3.  Where do, or might, parts/ingredients come from? (See Parts and Manufacturers, product websites, Industry Overviews,  News, Google)

4.  Is your product or its company described in a rating or certification service? (See NGO's-Labor and Environment). If you cite a rating, say something about how the rating is derived.

5.  Are there news articles about the social practices and/or environmental impact of your product/item? (See News, NGO's, Google)

6.  What can you find out about transportation distances and profit margins for farmers/miners, assemblers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers? (See Cost and Transport, News, Google)

7.  Are there scholarly articles about manufacturing processes/costs, or social or environmental impacts of  this general sort of product, or products produced by this company? (See Peer-Reviewed Articles)

The Stories of Stuff