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Perspectives on the ACRL Framework, Comparing Standards, and Creating Learning Activities for Information Literacy: Creating and Modifying Lesson Plans with the Framework

Searching as Strategic Exploration

Scholarship as a Conversation

Research as a Biergarten: Discussion/Presentation

  • Walls of scholarly conferences and publications in journals - academic library website as gate
  • Determine who "major players" in the conversation are - citations
  • Stammtisch groups of reliable customers with special commemmoration - highly influential, highly cited authors
  • Smaller Biergartens specializing in single brand - scholarly associations/databases centered on specific subject areas

Authority is Constructed and Contextual

Works Cited Project (standard assignment with additional reflection)

  • Annotated bibliography
    • student write/discuss how they will use the sources
    • additional inclusion of several sources they would not use and why
  • Reflection Exercise
    • write/discuss types of sources deemed trustworthy on a topic

Research as Inquiry

Creating, Narrowing, and Exploring Research Questions

  • Flipped content
    • students read background material on broad topic
  • Discussion of "good" vs "bad" research questions
  • Brainstorming
    • ways the broad topic can be narrowed down
    • who, what, when, where, why, how
  • Partnered creation of research questions
    • Class feedback
    • Choose one research question for class to explore

Information Creation as a Process

Examining a Single Author

  • Groups (3-4) work examining multiple sources from a single author (ex: Oliver Sacks - article from neurology journal vs. a copy of his book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat)
    • Explore items and discuss audience as a group - identify differences, citations or lack thereof, pictures, tone, language, jargon
  • Class discussion of findings, then either class or partnered discussion of potential audience for student work - why thier own research would be useful to their audiences