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Ebooks: Using

Decide How to Read It

Ebsco usually provides two options for viewing the ebooks.

1.     PDF full text will allow you to view it in Adobe Reader.

2.   Download This eBook (Offline) will allow you to download the full ebook to your device and access it for 7 days.  See instructions for downloading on the right side of this page.

Try out the new Ebsco Ebook Mobile App for iOS and Android devices.


Please note that not all ebooks are available to download. 

For some titles, we only have licenses for 1 user to view them at a time.  Titles only allowing 1 user are not available for downloading.


Contact the Ellis Library at for assistance.

Download eBook to Read Anywhere

Something to consider before downloading is the viewing requirements:

Desktop : Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.1 or higher.

Apple And Android Devices : Bluefire Reader recommended (free from the app store)

Kindle : PDFs can be created in the eBook Full Text view and transferred using Send to Kindle
               - don't download if you desire this option


To download the entire ebook, you will need the appropriate software for your device (as listed above) and an Ebsco account.  Open the file below for detailed instructions.

Problems Viewing Ebook in Browser?

If you are prompted to download individual pages of the ebook instead of being able to view the ebook within the PDF view frame in your browser, it is likely that a setting in your browser needs to be changed to allow you to view the PDF within the browser.

Firefox on a Mac:

  • Click on Firefox on the top toolbar and select Preferences
  • Select the Applications tab
  • Scroll down until you see the Content Type:  Portable Document Format
  • To the right of that entry (in the Action column), click on the down arrow and select to "Preview in Firefox."  The current setting is probably to save file.

Firefox on a Windows computer:

  • Click on Firefox and select Menu
  • Select Applications
  • Scroll down to the Content Type: Portable Document Format
  • Change the setting in the Action column on the right to "Preview in Firefox."