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Local and Regional Sources: Mizzou


Inside Mizzou podcasts from former UM Alexander Chancellor Cartwright

University Archives


The Maneater

MIZZOU Magazine (This link has more recent issues.)

MU buildings (architecture)

University of Missouri Building and Infrastructure Archive



For books on the history of the University of Missouri, use the MERLIN catalog.  You can search for general histories, histories of departments and programs, etc.

Sample titles:

  • The African-American Experience at the University of Missouri, 1950-1994
  • 100 years of music-making at Mizzou : facts & memories of the Department / School of Music at the University of Missouri from 1917 to 2017 by Michael J. Budds
  • A place of visions : one hundred years of the University of Missouri Libraries, 1915-2015 by Steve Weinberg