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Course: Intellectual Property Rights in Our Extension Work

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"Extension educators constantly create and use intellectual property, including written materials, graphics, photographs, video, and even music. In the Internet age, when computers and other digital technologies make it seductively easy to copy other people’s work, it is imperative that we understand the laws protecting intellectual property and the circumstances in which we can use that property responsibly and legally. This course describes intellectual property and explains the basics of the copyright and trademark laws. Although the laws and their application can be very complex, this course takes a practical approach that relates to situations faced by practicing Extension professionals."

Tom Knecht, Ed.D., Mississippi State University
Ned Browning, Ph.D., Mississippi State University
Tayla Hightower, Texas AgriLife Extension, The Texas A&M University System
Susanna Coppernoll, Texas AgriLife Extension, The Texas A&M University System

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