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Finding Web of Science & Mendeley Help

You can use our Getting Started - Web of Science guide to start searching and saving search results to a free account. You can also learn about installing and using Mendeley to help keep track of your saved articles and citations.

Cited reference Q & A

What is cited reference searching?

Cited reference searching allows you to locate books and articles that cite a previously published resource. This process allows you to track the research that has been done since the original item was published.

Why use cited reference searching?

  • To determine influential research
  • To find out how a particular research topic is being used to support other research
  • To find out how many times and where a publication is being cited
  • To find out who is citing a particular paper
  • To locate current research based on earlier research
  • To track the history of a research idea
  • To track the research history of a researcher
  • To determine how well your own published research is cited for promotion/tenure considerations