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Nutrition 3360: Nutritional Assessment

What are systematic review articles?

A systematic review article sums up the best available research on a specific question by synthesizing the results of several studies.

Systematic reviews attempt to:

  • Identify all relevant published and unpublished studies
  • Select studies for inclusion
  • Assess the quality of each study
  • Synthesize the findings from the studies in an unbiased way
  • Interpret the findings and present a balanced summary

How to find systematic review articles in PubMed

PubMed results page

PubMed Article types

What is meta-analysis?

A "meta-analysis" uses statistical methods to examine the data derived from a systematic-review

Every meta-analysis should be based on an underlying systematic review, but not every systematic review leads to a meta-analysis.

How to find meta-analysis articles in PubMed

Search on a topic in pubmed

Select article type meta-analysis on PubMed search results screen