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U.S. Civil War in Government Documents: MO State Docs

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Civil War in Missouri

Civil War

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Publications Chronology

Missouri state government publications specifically about the Civil War, published 1861-1865:






State serial publications issued during the Civil War:

  • State agency annual/biennial reports compiled in the Appendixes to House and Senate journals. For example, see the list for 1861.  Click gold  tabs above to see agencies active in 1863, 1865, etc.
  • Senate journals
  • House journals
  • Missouri session laws (Annual publication has text of laws
    passed at each General Assemby)

Additional Books, Memoirs and Government Publications

Full text books on the Civil War in Missouri
Source: UM Digital Library.  Full text books and government documents published between 1861-1910

Selected Items on the Civil War in Missouri
Source: Missouri Digital Heritage.  This site offers more full text books and government documents, mostly published after the war. 

Civil War on the Western Border: The Missouri-Kansas Conflict 1854-1865
The collection provides free access to 6,000 pages about the Civil War in the greater Kansas City region. Highlights include original photos, letters and maps; a comprehensive visual timeline; a configurable Border War map; scholarly essays and encyclopedia entries written by historians.


Federal government sources on the Civil War in Missouri:

See U.S. Civil War in Government Documents, which covers federal government documents focusing on the war in Missouri.

Further Reading

Find more materials on the Civil War (not necessarily just government publications) in the MOBIUS union catalog under these subjects:

Also try subject field searches on cities and towns followed by "History Civil War." For example:

Subject field search on Battle names, for example:

Subject field search on names of prominent individuals, such as:

Finally, try this strategy in the KEYWORD field:

  • "United States History Civil War 1861 1865" and Missouri