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Environmental History in State Publications: Fisheries and Game

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Erie Hatchery in Pennsylvania

From the Pennsylvania Report of the State Commissioners of Fisheries for the years 1892-93-94


From the Biennial Report of the Commissioner of Fisheries and Game in Indiana for the fiscal years of 1911 and 1912.

Fisheries and Game

Quite a few states have books cover matters of fish and game law (some have material on land and forest law as well).  These contain contents about the size and number of fish and game that can be taken, how it can be taken, and in what seasons.  The sale and transportation of fish and game are also covered.  Migratory bird law is briefly mentioned, as are recent law changes. 

Fish hatcheries are discussed in detail.  Each hatchery is mentioned for its species of fish produced, the cost, and where the fish were distributed.  Much of the Fish Commissioners Reports consist of tables outlining the number of fish stocked to ponds by county.  Some states feature a particular species of fish each year and give a more detailed report containing information on description, food, habitat, spawning, and hatchery work.  Other information on fish includes the number of fish taken by fishermen and their value.  Some states also provide information specific to shell fisheries.

Various species of game and its aspects are covered.  Frequently hunted animals such as deer, pheasants, quail, and ducks are discussed in detail for population numbers, hunting methods, number reported, and number reported taken for the year.  Species growth and decline over time can be observed, as well as hunting trends.

Examples of Resources Available:

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Maine Commissioners of Inland Fisheries and Game Report

Biennial Report of the Commissioner of Fisheries and Game of Indiana

Report of the Fish Commissioners of Pennsylvania

Annual Report of the Fish and Game Commission of Illinois

Missouri State Fish Commissioner (See Missouri Historic Documents Browser)

Missouri Game and Fish Warden (See Missouri Historic Documents Browser)

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