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Consumer Health Resources

A collection of consumer health resources available to patrons at the Health Sciences Library

Physician Quality Check

Ensure that the Physician you are considering is in good standing. In addition to the links on your right, use the following websites to double check your physician's record.

Additional Checks

The resources on this page will ensure your physician is certified and in good standing. It is important to find a physician you can feel comfortable with. Ask some of the following questions during the course of your visit:

  • How is the physician's demeanor and attitude?
  • Was the office staff friendly and helpful?
  • Does the doctor seem to care about you as a person?
  • Did the team seem knowledgeable about your condition?
  • Were the answers given to you explained in a way you understood?

For other factors to consider, take a look at this article from, "How to Find a Good Doctor."

Need to Find a Doctor?

In most cases, it's not as easy as typing in "find a doctor" into Google.  Many doctor finder websites are heavily supported by advertisements, obscuring your search for unbiased information.  Below is a collection of direct and unbiased resources you can use when locating your future physician.