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Consumer Health Resources

A collection of consumer health resources available to patrons at the Health Sciences Library

On Campus Resources

Our on-campus health center specifically for students. Among the many services offered at the Student Health Center:

  • Medical care
  • Mental health care
  • Preventive care
  • Immunizations
  • Variety of health promotion programs

The SHC runs regular business hours Monday through Friday. A nurse is always staffed for after hours assistance, who can be reached at (573) 882-7481.

Your student fees support this state of the art on campus recreation center. You knew the Rec Center was a full featured gym, but did you know...

  • You can sign up for dance, martial arts, and general fitness classes?
  • The only rock wall in Columbia is housed on site?
  • You can get personal training through Tiger Training?

Featured Resources


Take a quick self-assessment to learn more about your drinking habits, personal risk patterns, and learn about helpful resources in the community.  Brought to you by the Wellness Resource Center.

Important Numbers

A variety of campus, community and national resources are available to help you.  Below are important numbers that need to be in every student's phone.

Add these numbers to your phone RIGHT NOW:

MU Police (non emergency):


MU Police (emergency): (911

On Campus Counseling Center:


24-Hour Campus Crisis Hotline:  

(800) 395-2132

STRIPES (Free Safe Rides Home From Bars): 

573- 442-9672

Boone County Safe Shelter Crisis Line: 


Suicide Prevention Hotline: