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My Archive:

My Archive is a place where you can create a personalized account within C19.  Just click on the "My Archive" link and follow the directions to create an account.  Creating an account allows you to save searches and items to return to them at a later point.


C19 is an index to material from the 19th Century.  It includes finding aids for books, periodicals, official publications, government publications, newspapers, and archival collections.  It allows for each included index to be search simultaneously or separately.  Currently, C19 has over 20 million records and is still growing.

As mentioned, C19 only indexes records.  While some full text exists within C19, most records link to external content.  Thus is is necessary to click on the Find it @ MU link.  This will take you to the item in either another database or to its MERLIN record, which allows you to find it in the library.

Searching C19

C19 can be searched three ways.

1. Quick Search

Quick searching is a simple keyword search on the homepage.

2. Advanced Search (search Indexes)

Advanced searches allow other criteria besides keywords to search for data.  One can limit their search to one material format to search in, limit publication dates, search an author, and more depending on which index (or all indexes) are searched.

3. Browse

Browse take you to a list of the indexed collections.  you can click on the one you need, then browse alphabetically.

Interpreting Results:

Results are displayed in scroll down fashion, but also depict material source type at the top of the results.  One can click on a type and only view those results.  Example:  Click on "Newspapers" for all newspaper results.

Interpreting a Record:

When you view a record you will see the collection title, author, publication details, source library, NSTC Series, NSTC Number, and NSTC Subject.  These detail provide the information to find the document.  The NSTC Subject provides subject headings you can click on to find items on the same topic.

To find out if we hold a copy of a particular record, click on the Find It @ MU link on the left.  It will take you to the electronic resource to print source with the information you need.  If MU Libraries does not have what you need, it can be requested via MOBIUS or ILL.

Creator Information

Written by Amy C. Nickless, Graduate Reference Assistant, 2010-2012.